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Calculation profits

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The interest accrued on working days is 2.88% of the deposit amount. On weekends and public holidays, we charge 1.88% per day of the deposit amount.
The deposit itself is included in the payments.


We are a financial organization that accepts deposits from people and pays a fixed percentage of profits. We specialize in long-term investments in crypto-currencies, since this is an entirely innovative and new market, and we were able to calculate the formula of an infinite percentage of investment.

The company of INFINITIA completely separately deals with competent distribution of funds in assets using the most innovative and modern technologies of our time starting from green energy sources and nano-technologies to the worlds newest computer technologies.

  • Accrual on working days 2.88%
  • Accrual on weekends 1.88%
  • $8. Max. deposit $888
  • Instant payments! No limits!
  • Self-developed script
  • DDOS & SSL Protection


Remember: no one on his deathbed has any regret about having spent so little time in the office!

Why choose us?

Our reputation is the most important reason,
but there are several more moments:

Affiliate program

Pleasant conditions for our customers.
  • Register in Infinitia,
    get an affiliate link
  • Tell your audience
    about Infinitia
  • Receive up to 13% from
    your partners profits.

Talking about business, I think it is best to start at the lowest point and enter the market at a peak, than later.

How it works? Everything is simple




All you need to know

In order to become an investor of the project, you need to complete the registration process. After registration, all the functions of the personal account will be available for you.

Registration problems can arise due to incorrect data entry. If the problem persists, please contact support service.

Sometimes authorization problems are caused by errors in the work of a web browser. No reason to worry, it is necessary wait for a while, and then try to log in again. If nothing happens, contact technical support.

The project works with payment systems PerfectMoney, AdvCash, NixMoney and Bitcoin.

Deposit occurs according to the rules of payment systems.

The minimum deposit amount is $8 The maximum deposit amount $888

The percentage of accrual on working days is 2.88% of all deposits. On weekends and public holidays we accrue 1.88%

Deposit is permanently and irrevocably!

Thanks to the most thoughtful marketing, We made payments instant. Restrictions on the conclusion there!

The partne`s reward is accrued from the partner`s profit.

Use the password recovery service. Click the "Forgot password" tab.

No, you can only register one account at a time. Otherwise, your accounts will be blocked.

If you could not get an answer to your question, please contact support service, you will be promptly responded.